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The Doraville Police Department writes a lot of traffic citations on Buford Highway and I-285. But good news is that we can help make sure you don't get points or mess up your driver's license. We especially know how to handle CDL drivers charged with moving violations in Doraville.

Our traffic ticket law firm has been practicing as Doraville traffic lawyers for over a decade. We take almost all types of ticket cases in Doraville Municipal Court including car accidents, CDL violations, and speeding tickets.

The Municipal Court of Doraville has jurisdiction over an area that includes parts of Buford Highway and I-285. These are highly traveled areas that are heavily patrolled by the Doraville Police Department.

In fact, Doraville was once mentioned in an AJC article as having one of the highest per capita of fine amounts collected. At one point Doraville Municipal Court traffic fines generated nearly $2 million in revenue for the city (or about a 1/4th of the city budget). So, to say the City of Doraville takes traffic violations seriously is an understatement. 

Read more about Doraville Municipal Court in the AJC article here.

Doraville Municipal Court

We've been handling ticket cases in Doraville Municipal Court for over a decade. Things have changed in the court, but we have kept up with the changes and we continue getting results for our Doraville ticket clients.

Located of Buford Highway near the I-285 intersection, the Doraville Municipal Court is easy to find. The court has dedicated free parking and is near a MARTA train station as well.

The court schedules calendars multiple times a month and court times are staggered in the mornings so the court itself is rarely crowded. One can expect about a two hour wait time in court if you are not represented. (Of course our experienced Doraville traffic ticket lawyers can usually cut down on this time or even attend court on your behalf).

The city is represented by city solicitors that rotate. It is always advisable to speak with the solicitor about your case if you want to try to work something out.

How Our Ticket Lawyers Handle Traffic Violations in Doraville Municipal Court

Our main goal in Doraville Municipal Court is to help you avoid points and insurance increases. We can usually accomplish this except in the most serious cases.

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