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Dekalb County Traffic Court

Dekalb County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

What we do as ticket attorneys:

We can save you time and money by keeping your traffic offenses off your record without you having to attend court. We can protect your license from suspensions or have suspensions removed.
Car Accident Cases
CDL Drivers
FTA Cases and License Suspensions
Under-21 Drivers
Speeding Tickets

Dekalb County Traffic Court Overview

Dekalb County traffic tickets are handled in the State Court of Dekalb County. As the 4th most populous county and located in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Dekalb County traffic court handles a large number of traffic cases every year. The presence of major interstates I-285, I-20, and I-85 means that millions of drivers pass through the county every year. These heavily traveled roadways are also among the busiest and most dangerous in the country.

The Dekalb County State Court is currently split into two divisions now. Division A was previously known as the Jury Division. While Division B was previously known as the Traffic Division. Previously it was possible to have your case transferred between divisions by demanding a jury trial, but that is no longer the case. Jury demands on traffic violations will also be heard in Division B (formerly Traffic Division).

Four full-time judges hear cases in Dekalb County Division B and the Dekalb County Solicitor General’s Office is responsible for prosecuting traffic citations in Dekalb County. Each of the courtrooms is assigned a full-time solicitor that prosecutes the traffic violations.

Unlike other traffic courts in Georgia, Dekalb County State Court Division B does not currently handle DUI cases or other misdemeanor criminal cases.
The court is also operating 100% remotely and all hearings are held over zoom at this time.

What our Dekalb County Traffic Lawyer Does for You:

Sam McRae has been a practicing Dekalb County traffic lawyer since 2009. He practiced in the old Dekalb County Recorder’s Court and has regularly handled cases in Dekalb County State Court throughout his time as a traffic attorney.

The type of Dekalb County traffic tickets that are common include car accidents, speeding, and CDL violations. All of these cases can be handled satisfactorily but as the Dekalb County traffic court judges have begun to crack down on the bad driving that occurred since the pandemic began the results have not been as easily earned.

Dekalb County Car Accident Citations:

Car accidents are extremely common in Dekalb County and one charge our Dekalb County traffic ticket lawyer often handles is moving violations stemming from automobile accidents. If you are being found at fault or if you want to challenge your citation, we can often help.

For one, we can often handle your car accident case without you having to appear in court or on a zoom hearing. This can save you time and money from missing work or changing your schedule.

The other outcome we often achieve for our car accident clients is to have their charges reduced to a non-reporting charge that avoids points on their driver’s license. While this may not avoid your car insurance from increasing, it will keep your driving record clean.

How a Traffic Lawyer Helps

Keep Insurance Rates Low

Typically, we can keep your case from appearing on your driving record and not effect your insurance rate.

Avoid the Hassle of Court

In most cases, we can appear in court on your behalf so you don't have to waste time.

Expert Guidance

The lawyer working your case will be a phone call or text away to explain the process and your options.
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Dekalb County Speeding Tickets:

One situation is with high-speed cases (over 90mph). The traffic court judges in Dekalb County have begun to take a strict approach to handling these cases and sentences often include jail time and/or license suspensions.

Our Dekalb County traffic lawyer has found that he is able to avoid the worst consequences of a high-speed violation, but expectations must be kept realistic.

Dekalb County CDL Citations:

CDL drivers that receive citations in Dekalb County should almost always hire an attorney. Dekalb County has strict policies when handling CDL citations to avoid violating the Federal Masking laws regarding CDL drivers. The Federal law prohibits traffic courts from masking traffic ticket convictions of CDL drivers. If a jurisdiction is in violation of this Federal law they may be susceptible to losing Federal Highway money.

Thus, any outcome in CDL case must satisfy the requirement of not violating the Federal Masking law while also not triggering a negative consequence to a CDL. This is a fine legal tightwire to walk and requires the knowledge and experience of our Dekalb County traffic lawyer.

Advice for Our Fellow Dekalb County Traffic Lawyer:

The environment in handling Dekalb County traffic citations has changed rapidly in the past few years and traffic ticket violations in Dekalb County are no longer a routine affair. Any traffic attorney handling a case in Dekalb County must be in it for the long haul, as it is common for cases not to resolve for months or even need to be placed on trial calendars before a resolution is achieved (or the case is tried).

Binding the case over is no longer a viable option to avoid a strict judge or prosecutor in the traffic court as they will be the same judge and prosecutor handling the jury trial.

In some cases – like high-speed tickets – a compromise can be reached to allow your client to avoid jail time and do house arrest instead. But be conscious of managing client expectations on more serious Dekalb County traffic violations, as sentencing has become much harsher in the face of the growing instances of poor and reckless driving since the beginning of the pandemic.

Meet the Team

Our Georgia traffic ticket law firm is not another "Uber-style" ticket firm that you pay $99.99 for an anonymous attorney to show up at traffic court to defend your driving priviledge. You will work directly with one of the traffic ticket attorneys below.
Sam McRae

Sam McRae

Founding Partner
Sam McRae founded an Atlanta traffic ticket law firm straight out of law school in 2010. He expects himself and all of his attorneys to bring honest value to their client's traffic cases. His legal experience ranges from traffic tickets, DUI, and personal injury.
Attorney Johnny Waller

Johnny Waller

Of Counsel
Johnny is a specialist in traffic cases in Atlanta Municipal Court and Fulton County. He has been with the firm since 2013 and has grown as an attorney during that time. He handles traffic ticket cases, criminal defense, and civil litigation.

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