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Sam McRae has been a Decatur traffic lawyer since 2010. We have a strong relationship with Decatur Municipal Court that has helped us acheive amazing results on our Decatur traffic cases.
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Decatur Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Our traffic lawyers have been handling cases in Decatur Municipal for over a decade. We have gained experience and respect in this traffic court that allows us to handle our clients’ cases in the most efficient manner possible. We regularly achieve positive outcomes for our clients in these courts.

The types of traffic cases we handle in Decatur include car accidents, speeding tickets, CDL violations, and more serious cases like Hit and Run or DUI. We’ve done it all in Decatur Municipal Court.

Decatur Municipal Court

The court is located near downtown Decatur, Georgia. The court is in the same building as the Decatur Police Department. And while not currently open to the public due to covid, the court is being held in-person at the moment.

One difference in the court is that bench trials will be held on your first court appearance – unlike most other traffic courts in Georgia. So, if you want your case heard by a judge, they will summon the police officer into the courtroom to hear your case that night. Cases involving lay witnesses – like car accident cases – may be continued to subpoena the other driver in your case. But you can expect a fast resolution in Decatur Municipal Court.

The city is represented by a city solicitor Larry Steele. He is present at every calendar, and it is advisable that you speak with him about your case. You can also be appointed a public defender if you qualify.

How We Handle Traffic Citations in Decatur Municipal Court

With the strong relationship our ticket law firm has with Decatur Municipal Court, we can often cut through the uncertainty of your case and reach a positive resolution. We are often able to come to this resolution before the traffic court session even begins.

Our CDL clients can take advantage of our negotiations to have their charges amended to non-reporting violations to save their jobs in some instances.

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    We've been doing ticket cases for over a decade. We know how to help and will give you a no-nonsense assessment of your ticket case.
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