Crisp County Traffic Lawyer

Our traffic lawyers have been handling Crisp County, Georgia traffic violations for several years now. The most common type of violation we see are speeding tickets earned by those traveling between Florida and Atlanta on I-75.

Crisp County Sheriff's Office writes a lot of speeding citations on I-75. The speed limit on I-75 in this area is 70mph and the drive itself can be long and boring. So, it’s common for drivers to try to speed past this rural area and miss seeing the traffic officer enforcing the speed limit.

A recent example of a Crisp County speeding ticket case we handled recently is to have a speeding ticket of 88/70 reduced to a non-reporting speed for our client. They still paid a fine (and our fee) but avoided having points assessed to their driving record and having their insurance increased.

Crisp County Probate Court

Crisp County Probate Court has jurisdiction over traffic violations in Crisp County. Your case will be assigned a court date that we can handled without you having to return to Crisp County. We will negotiate with the court for your reduction.

Crisp County Speeding Ticket

Yes, our office is located in Atlanta, Georgia but we can handle your Crisp County Speeding ticket with ease. Our traffic lawyers handle tickets in Crispy County frequently and make it easy for you.

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