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What we do as ticket attorneys:

We can save you time and money by keeping your traffic offenses off your record without you having to attend court. We can protect your license from suspensions and in some cases have suspensions removed.
Car Accident Cases
CDL Drivers
FTA Cases and License Suspensions
Under-21 Drivers
Speeding Tickets

Car Accidents

Over 20,000 car accidents occurred in Atlanta, Georgia in 2020. Due to covid, this was down from 39,000 that happened in 2019. With this staggering number it is not surprising that the most common type of case we handle as an Atlanta traffic lawyer are citations issued after a car wreck.

A car accident is already a stressful event that is often compounded by having to deal with a traffic ticket. Often the courts make these citations mandatory court appearances. They do this to make sure that insurance will cover the costs of any repairs to innocent parties.

These citations also will appear on your record if not handled appropriately and result in points being added to your driving record. 

Hire a Traffic Lawyer to Appear

In the vast majority of courtrooms in Atlanta you can hire a traffic attorney to appear on your behalf. This saves you the hassle of attending court. In addition we can negotiate for the charge not to appear on your record by showing the court a letter from the insurance company accepting liability on your behalf. This saves you time and keeps your record clean.

Fighting Your Traffic Ticket Case

In some cases you may feel like you were not at fault but the officer still issued you a citation.  We will gladly hear you out and look over the evidence you can provide us about the accident. We will give you an honest evaluation on the potential success of taking your case to trial. We have tried dozens of accident cases over the years and know what will win and what will not.

Some examples of cases that we have won is when a client had contact information for a third-party witness. Another case the client had taken photographs of the damaged vehicles that proved he was at a complete stop during the collision. If you feel like you have some evidence proving that you were cited incorrectly, let us evaluate the case for you.

How a Traffic Lawyer Helps

Keep Insurance Rates Low

Typically, we can keep your case from appearing on your driving record and not effect your insurance rate.

Avoid the Hassle of Court

In most cases, we can appear in court on your behalf so you don't have to waste time.

Expert Guidance

The lawyer working your case will be a phone call or text away to explain the process and your options.
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CDL Drivers

Traffic violations effect CDL drivers much harsher than normal drivers. All moving violations that occur in the commercial vehicle are reported - even zero point violations that are not reported for Class C drivers. Two such violations will suspend a CDL for a period of time. Even one violation could increase insurance rates enough that you may lose employment.

We are often retained by employers of CDL drivers to help with traffic court issues so the driver does not have to miss work or increase the employer's insurance policy.

Another caveat when handling CDL cases is the role of the Federal Masking Laws. Some courts have refused to reduce CDL traffic violations to avoid losing Federaly highway money for their jurisdiction.

CDL Moving Violation

Handling a traffic ticket defense for a CDL driver is a specialized case that should always be handled by an experienced Atlanta traffic ticket attorney familiar with the traffic court where the citation will be handled. The moving violation must be dismissed or reduced in such a way that will not appear on the driver's record. The typical reduction to a charge of Basic Rules (OCGA 180-6-180) will report when the driver was in the commercial vehicle. The charge needs to be amended to a local ordinance if available, or OCGA 40-6-1 or an equipment violation.

Many courts have stopped offering OCGA 40-6-1 and have limited options to resolving CDL cases. This creates a scenario where we may be forced into an aggressive trial strategy to save the driver's job, or negotiate another creative solution.

CDL Lane Violations

Truck drivers traveling through Atlanta have to follow strict laws regarding lanes of travel. They typically cannot use the two left lanes on the interstate in most places, and cannot travel inside the perimeter on I-20, I-75, or I-85 if they are not delivering a load within the perimeter. They are required to travel around Atlanta on I-285. 

Lane Violations on I-285 occur frequently as drivers are unable to stay out of the left lanes due to traffic conditions or to avoid accidents. In some areas the road will merge into the left lane.  Some jurisdictions like Dekalb County heavily enforce lane violations. 

We have solutions to these lane violation cases in Dekalb County and other jurisdictions that can avoid the moving violation being reported on the driver's history.
Issuing a traffic citation

Talk to a Traffic Attorney

An Atlanta traffic ticket lawyer makes a stressful problem into a stress-free solution.
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FTA and Suspended License Cases.

Georgia traffic law has many ways that lead to a license suspension. You can lose your license for points, or be convicted of a charge that suspends your license, or fail to appear in court and have your license suspended. In all these cases, an Atlanta traffic ticket attorney has a solution to resolving your license suspension or potential suspension.

Missed Court Dates and Failure to Appear Cases

Missing court happens. You may have forgotten a recent court date and be facing a 30-day deadline to resolve your case before they suspend your license. Or you may have ignored years old citations that have now come back to haunt you. 

If caught in time, we can usually negotiate a resolution to your FTA citations prior to your license being suspended. Sometimes we can even intervene quickly enough before the court reports the missed court date to the Department of Driver Services.

In instances of unresolved cases that are years old, we can help you locate and negotiate a resolution to your cases to restore your driving privilege. This may require paying fines or simply arguing the cases are too old to prosecute. 

Suspended License Cases

If your license is already suspended and you have been charged driving on a suspended license or driving with no license, then we take a holistic approach to your case and attempt to fix the root cause of your suspension.

We will not simply try to avoid the worst consequences of being convicted of those charges, but also help you restore the underlining issues suspending your license. 

Once your driver's license is restored, the suspended license case becomes much easier to resolve.

We Make Traffic Court Look Easy.

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Under-21 Drivers

Georgia traffic law will suspend a driver under-21 years of age for any 4-point violation. These violations include speeding 24-mph over the speed limit, Reckless Driving, Passing a Stopped School Bus, and Aggressive Driving. 

The statistics back up this strict approach towards younger drivers as they are disapportionately involved in more fatal car accidents than any other age group. 

But even young drivers that are not a hazard to society can face the harsh consequences of Georgia's traffic laws by having their license suspended or face huge insurance increases.

We Guide Young Drivers 

Many courts have set up special requirements for under-21 drivers to help educate them as drivers and citizens. This may require doing programs like the Teen Vicitim Impact Panel.

In exchange for participation in these programs, the court will avoid suspended driver's license and sometimes dismiss the case. 

These programs may be available to you without an attorney, but we can guide the young driver in traffic court or appear on their behalf. Or even reschedule the case to accommodate school or work schedules.

Serious Traffic Charges for Under-21

Not every case qualifies for the court programs or you may find yourself in a court that does not offer such a program. In those cases, hiring an Atlanta traffic lawyer familiar with the traffic court is crucial.

We can often provide options to avoid the harshest judges or delay the case long enough to allow the driver to become 21 years old. 

In over ten years of practice, there has not been one instance where one of our under-21 year old clients had their license suspended.

Our Atlanta traffic attorneys will guide you through the process.

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Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Speeding tickets put points on your license and can raise your insurance rates if reported on your driving record.

Even a plea of Nolo Contendre will report on your record and be treated like a guilty by your insurance company. 

Out of state drivers will have every speeding ticket reported back to their home state to be assessed by the home state traffic laws that are sometimes even harsher than Georgia's. North Carolina is a good example.

Reducing Your Speeding Ticket

In the vast majority of speeding ticket cases in Georgia, they can be negotiated to a 14mph-over speed or a Basic Rules Violation (OCGA 40-6-180). These zero point violations will not be reported on the driving records of Georgia drivers.

In the cases of speeding tickets close to the 14mph-over speed, a defendant may be able to negotiate to 14mph-over on their own. 

But for serious speeding tickets or out-of-state drivers, the issue is more complicated. 

For instance the Basic Rules Violation (OCGA 40-6-180) is also considered a Too Fast for Conditions violation in other states like North Carolina. This violation often carries points in other states.

Super Speeder Tickets

A super speeder happens when you are cited for traveling 75mph or faster on a two lane road or 85mph or faster on the highway.  

If convicted of those speeds, you will receive an addtional $200 fine from the Georgia Department of Driver Services. Falure to pay this fine may result in your license being suspended.

Even with ridiculously fast speeding ticket cases, we can often negotiate the speed below the super speeder requirements to avoid the super speeder fines.  

Atlanta Traffic Courts

Below is a list of some courts we regularly handle traffic citations. This list is a sample of the region we cover. We handle cases in most traffic courts in the Atlanta metro area.
Atlanta Municipal Court
Fulton State Court
Dekalb County Traffic Division
Dekalb County State Court
Gwinnett County Recorders Court
Cobb County Traffic Courts
Doraville Municipal Court
Sandy Springs Municipal Court
Decatur Municipal Court
Dunwoody Municipal Court
Brookhaven Municipal Court
All Fulton County Municipal Courts
Douglas County State Court
Douglasville Municipal Court
Marietta Municipal Court
Lilburn Municipal Court
Duluth Municipal Court

"Traffic Attorney Near Me"

We see this search term come up a lot when people are looking for a ticket lawyer in Atlanta. We like to think of ourselves as the ultimate local traffic lawyers when it comes to the Atlanta metro.

We have been practicing for over ten years and have built relationships that allow us to handle cases efficiently and with confidence we will acheive the best outcome for our traffic ticket clients.

Members of our law firm have been on the short list for judicial selections in the past because our colleagues think that much of us. We are regularly referred cases by other local attorneys because they know first hand we get the job done.

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